Paul Dillon's songs leave you better than they found you. With acoustic driven grooves and inspired lyrics, Paul is a compelling songwriter in the tradition of Tom Petty, John Prine and Bob Dylan.  

Songs are oxygen for Paul and he has been breathing life into them for quite some time now.  Songs that elevate and crack you open, songs that give you pause on our shared humanity and songs to just lighten the load of a heavy day.   

“Sharing the music is where it’s at” says Paul "while it's very tempting to just hole up in the studio, it feels a little empty until you play in front of people and feel that connection". 


“We hosted a house concert featuring Paul Dillon and the energy was amazing!  Paul’s performance captivated the audience in an intimate setting, and everyone left smiling.  Paul is a natural artist who can draw people into his original music and spread his positive energy".  ~Julie and Michael Bagby Woodinville, WA  


Song Samples

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