From the recording Don't Get Me Started

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Don't Get Me Started

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Written and recorded by Paul Dillon
Don King bass guitar
Mastered by Rob Stewart @ Just Mastering


I’m skippin’ stones across the water
It’s 1,2,3 and it’s down to the bottom
She comes along without a bother
Takes a little step and then she takes another
Don’t get me started
She’s a firecracker in the night sky
You want to be around when she lets her colors fly
It’s a good thing she’s a bad ass
And it’s worth remembering nothin’s gonna hold her back
Don’t get me started

Any good day gets even better
When you find your way to now or never
She took a big swing at a bad thing
Put it on the ground she said
“Stay the hell away from me”
Don’t get me started
She don’t mess around here’s another one
Line’em all up there’s more than enough of them
But I’ll tell you one thing above the others
She is lighting right before the thunder
Don’t get me started

Cus it’s the little things
It’s the big things
It’s all that and it's
Everything in between

I’m skippin’ stones across the water
It’s 4,5,6 and it’s all and because of her
She gave me somethin’ a little present
She opened up my heart and then she never left it
Don’t get me started
She’s a butterfly on a bad day
Never saw it comin’ but there it is anyway
She is white hot like the truth
She’s gonna shine her lovin’ light on you
Don’t get me started
Don’t get me started
I might not stop it
I might not stop it